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160/175 Racing parts and services from Bateman Racing and others.


  Lightened clutch baskets built on your core basket.  This takes a 3 pound 10 ounce basket down to 2 pounds 9 ounces.   Highly recommended - removes over a pound of rotating weight from your engine.   Development riders report noticable improvements in acceleration.   This product has been in the field for two years now and has been holding up just fine.   I also offer a gear spacer to replace the one unused gear on the crankshaft.   This spacer could I suppose be used to eliminate the friction of the extra gear without the expense of basket modification, but without the advantage of weight loss.   In combination with the lightened basket it is completely unneccessary but definitely cool looking.








The 160/175/200 family use two drive gears 1/2 tooth apart to drive the clutch basket as it is significantly quieter than a single straight cut gear drive, and more efficient than a helical drive gear.   We don't care about quiet, and we don't make much horsepower, so we can cut back to one gear.   Reduced rotating weight and reduced friction.

Tested in both 160s and 175s up to 18.5hp.   So far no reliability problems at all.







Vintage Motorcycle Roadrace Tachometer. Works on all spark engines. Easy to install



Bateman Racing Honda Sloper 160 175 Crankcase Vent, Replaces DipstickUse this Vintage Honda motorcycle 160 & 175 Sloper Crankcase Vent Bung in place of your dipstick. Connects using a 1/2" hose to your catch bottle to provide adequate venting. These little motors build up some serious crankcase pressure when running hard. This venting prevents oil blowby and oil leaks. Drilled for safety wire. Includes stainless hose clamp and o-ring.

$59.00.....Bateman Racing Honda Sloper 160 175 Crankcase Vent